• Purification technology of aluminum liquid has an influence on aluminum alloy die casting

The Application of Purification Technology of Aluminum Liquid Has An Influence on Aluminum Alloy Die Casting

The application of purification technology of aluminum liquid has an influence on aluminum alloy die casting Aluminum industry is a highly marketed industry in China. In recent years, aluminum alloy die casting has been widely used in airline, automobile, motorcycle, hydraudic machinery and high voltage switch electrical appliances, etc. The requirement of the aluminnum alloy casting's quality is becoming more and more high. It is not allowed to have any defects of castings besides guaranteeing the chemical composition, mechanical properties and dimensional accuracy. So people pay more attention to gases and inclusions in aluminum alloy solution as well as the research of mechanism interaction. Besides, people have taken necessary measures to expel gas and impurity content in aluminum liquid to achieve the goal of purifying aluminum liquid, producing the high quality aluminum alloy castings and meeting the demand of industry production. At present, the purification of aluminum liquid and integrated process of grain refinement are the bases of the high quality of alunimum alloy. The treatment of purification of aluminum liquid can be classified into inner furnace treatment and outer furnace treatment based on different kinds of production processes. The inner furnace treatment of aluminum alloy can be classified into adsorption and non adsorption purification technologies according to the mechanism of purification.

The application state of purification technology of aluminum liquid in our country
At present, the enterprises of aluminum alloy are not large in our country. There are only about one hundred of these enterprises whose production of aluminum is over 50000 tones a year. And die castings products accounts for a lager proportion in these enterprises of aluminum. Combined with the current situation that the yield of high quality of aluminum castings is not very large in our country, the purification technology of liquid aluminum develops very slowly. Although there are lots of melt purification facilities in our country, the scales of enterprises remain small.

Aluminum alloy castings for aerospace field has have high requirements, but Chinese enterprises have small scales with production modes of various types and small batches. Most enterprises still adopt the operation mode of using inert gas rotation to remove the gas and then the slag. As for aluminum liquid with high requirements, we can meet its standard by hexachloroethane treatment; this is also one of the reasons for the slow development of upscale purification facilities in China.

The development of Purification technology of aluminum liquid in the future development
Domestic aluminum casting industry will continue to promote the supply-side structural reform continuously provide effective supply, nurture the domestic market and guide consumption in 2017. On the basis of strictly controlling the new capacity of electrolytic aluminum, domestic aluminum casting industry will solidly promote the application of aluminum and expand the application from the industry to household, so that aluminum household products can get into families and continue to inject new vitality into aluminum consumption.

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