• Differences Between Aluminum Die Casting and Aluminum Alloy Die Casting

Differences Between Aluminum Die Casting and Aluminum Alloy Die Casting

The main raw material for aluminum die casting is aluminum

The difference between aluminum die casting and aluminum alloy die casting is only one word, so people confuse aluminum die casting with aluminum alloy die casting. Junying die casting manufacturer tells you that actually these two die castings are not the same. In order to help you distinguish aluminum die casting from aluminum alloy die casting, Junying Die Casting Company will explain in detail about differences between them from their performance characteristics, applications and manufacturing advantages. When customers are purchasing die casting products, they are able to choose the right die casting products according to their needs.

The main raw material of aluminum die casting is aluminum. The basic process of aluminum die casting molding is: aluminum materials are heated to liquid and injected to dies of die casting machines, then shaped by die castings. Aluminum has a good mobility and plasticity, so it is widely used in die casting industry. Plus, the parts which are made from aluminum have beautiful appearance. Aluminum materials are not expensive, so the production costs are greatly reduced, which creates more wealth for the enterprises.

The main raw materials of aluminum alloy die casting are alloy and aluminum, and the finished aluminum alloy die castings have good glossiness. Aluminum alloy die casting factories will have polishing treatment for the finished die castings. You can add some nitric acid into the die castings in the polishing process so as to restrain corrosion and improve glossiness. After this process, the die casting parts will have good flatness an glossiness. Aluminum alloy die castings are applied to electronic, electrical machinery and other industries. They have better performance and good toughness, which are important parts of mechanical components.

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