• Notes for Mould Maintenance

Notes for Mould Maintenance

Mold maintenance should be managed by maintenance men who are qualified after going through professional training, and they must know the mold technical standards. Die casting mould is a kind of very expensive and special precision machinery, so the maintenance men must be very sure of what they are doing when maintaining the moulds. Die casting moulds require maintenance men to have excellent techniques, meticulous working style as well as responsible spirit. Therefore, Junying is going to share a few notes on mould maintenance with you.

1. Remove metal filings and scale deposits in every part of the moulds, and make the nature color of the moulds appear.

2. Carefully examine problems occurring in the mould by referring to the last die casting product which was produced by the mould. See if there are problems of scratches, materials sticking to the mould, sinks, metal shortages, crooked or broken small cores, wrong position of movable cores, broken push rods, push rods with changed length, incorrect position of inserts or loose fastening bolts. We should repair or replace them according to their damages.

3. We can partly weld the cavities' sinks, cracks and chips, which will cause scratches on casts. And the welding should be strictly carried out according to welding process, or the service life of the moulds will be reduced. If above damages happen on smaller moulding parts, it will cause severer results and even cause the moulds to break down.

4. We should thoroughly clean, carefully check and repair sliding parts such as core puller, and guiding device, etc. Lubricate them with high temperature grease again.

5. If there are hydraulic core pullings, they should be maintained with the moulds together. We need to pay special attention to the cleanness of the hydraulic parts, or the entire hydraulic systems of die casting machines will be polluted.

6. We need to determine a repair plan according to the specific circumstances, when mould breakdown or damage happens in the manufacturing processes.If necessary, we should have a comprehensive maintenance for moulds according to the above methods.

7. We should have a rust-proof treatments for mould surface, mould joint and installation surface after the maintenance of the moulds. Put cover halves on tie plates according to installation directions of mould on the machine. Place mould accessories with the moulds.

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