• About Junying Die Casting Company
Junying Die Casting Company is located in Dongguan, China, and specialized in high pressure aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, CNC machining and precision machining since 2002. our company has been manufacturing for 14 years, beginning as a small workshop and transforming over the years into a respected, well known die casting products supplier in China and overseas. Our manufacturing services consist of die casting, CNC machining,milling, stamping, precision casting and product assembly. We provide high quality products at the lowest price for our customers from a variety of products such as automobile LED light, housing light, lock parts, auto parts and other industrial markets.
Why Choose JY Die Casting?
Junying Die Casting ensures that you'll have some of the best design and manufacturing support in China. In order to satisfy our customers, JY has a special team which is committed to quality control in each production run. First Article, In-process and Final Inspection are carried out in each procedure. First article inspection and final audits are performed to insure customers' specifications.
We have some principles for our employees, for example:
1. Not knowingly pass on defective work to our domestic or international customers. 2. Be responsible for defect elimination in all we do. 3. Be responsible for delivering our goods on time.
All the workers are required to take part in different training to support quality improvement in our products, processes, and services.
Our goal is to appear as an extension of our customers' development and manufacturing groups. To understand our customers businesses and develop the necessary capabilities to meet their needs.