• Applications of Die Casting Molds in Various Industries

Applications of Die Casting Molds in Various Industries

(1) The automobile industry
China is fully capable of designing and manufacturing medium and large die casting molds such as clutches, gearboxes, steering gears, gear boxes, etc in the automobile industry. These molds are made by branches of automobile mold factories or professional mold factories. Dongfeng Automobile's clutches and gearboxes large-scale die casting molds which are made by Fukang cars are also made in China. The intermediate shell-gearbox mold which is made this year is designed by Chinese people and is the largest die casting mold for automobile parts; the intermediate shell-gearbox mold's weight is 33.5 tons; the automobile die cast' weight is 29 kilograms; the automobile die casts are difficult to be processed by die casting machines with 32000kN. A die casting mold company in Guangzhou City manufactures large-scale automobile die casting molds for Xiali, Fukang, Changan, Volkswagen, General Motors Corporation, etc. one after another. This reflects China's developing and manufacturing medium and large scale automobile die casting molds now have reached a certain level.

(2) The motorcycle industry
The die casting mold used in the motorcycle industry can be mass-produced. Since China becomes a great power for motorcycle production, die casting molds have been in increasing demand every year; most of the die casting molds are domestic molds and molds provided by many Chinese companies are similar to the same kinds of Japanese molds; these motorcycle molds can be made very well and have short production cycles and low prices; for example, the left or the right crankcase can be manufactured after two or three months in the Beilun area; domestic motorcycle molds can meet the domestic demand. Motorcycle molds are mainly made by the motorcycle industry's mold manufacturing factories and professional mold manufacturing factories.

(3) The electrical machinery industry and the electrical appliance industry
Die casting molds which are used for electrical machinery, electric fan, washing machine, television and electric iron industries are self-sufficient and manufacturing levels of these die casting molds can meet the needs of the die casting products.

(4) Other industries
Molds which are used for hot chamber die casting machines are widely used in lockmaking, gas appliance, plumbing, instrument and toy industries; these molds are not large, but they are in great amount. 
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