• Scalings and solutions of aluminum die-castings

Scalings and Solutions of Aluminum Die Castings 

Aluminum die casting is a process that melts aluminum into liquid, injects it into the die casting mold cavity with high pressure and high-speed. After the aluminum liquid was cooled, open the mold and you can get a shaped product.  
 However, the aluminum we often use in die casting is not scrap aluminum, but aluminum ingot. For aluminum scrap will affect the die casting process.

Do you know scaling of aluminum die castings?
Two kinds of scalings: 1. Scaling after sand blasting or shot blasting treatment. (Parts with many cold shuts which bear high-speed and high-pressure would have scalings easily).
2. Scaling after high temperature torrefying. (After high temperature torrefying, there are a lot pores inside of the products partially. The internal air was released, which can cause blister or scaling on the surface).

Solutions: 1. Firstly, we can improve from the die casting machine and die casting parameters.
1.1 Adjust the injection speed and injection stroke, increase the pressure boost.
1.2 Spray release agent as little as possible on the parts and maintain balance for mold temperature.
2. Improve flow channel of the mold design and exhaust.

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