• Six Principles of Die Casts' Quality Control 

Six Principles of Die Casts' Quality Control 

First, Do Not Easily Determine the Technique, and Do Not Change It Once You Have Decided.
(1) Find the root causes, the major factors and manifestations of the problems.
(2) Easily changing the processes actually covers up the real reasons and problems.

Second, We Should Have Strong Senses of Quantification and Traceability for the Process Control.
(1) There are a lot of factors that can affect die casting process, so we should not ignore any details.
(2) We should control and record any details by data as many as possible.
(3) Process details without control and traceability will mislead correction and preventive measures.

Third, We Must Be Patient in Order to Solve the Problems.
(1) Don't rush!
(2) Don't ignore those abnormal situations which are seen to be not related to the existing problems.
(3) Take some actions even if you can't find the reasons and rules. You can control the influencing factors.
(4) Review some of the previous experiment and summarized the experience in the past.
(5) Once you find some experience and rules, go deep into it and develop it into a theory, Although it may cost you more, it is worth doing so.
(6) We need to know that slight negligence may lead to great disaster as well as the fable that "Yu Gong removed the mountains" which tells us that we should have fortitude and that we should not be afraid of difficulty. 

Fourth, We Need to Cultivate the Thinking of Prevention.
(1) The highest state of quality management is to prevent, instead of fixing a problem after it happens.
(2) There must be signs before any quality problems occur, which can be monitored and identified by personnel's methods and experience. 
(3) We should pay great attention to the quality problem which happens for the second time. 
(4) We should use a certain tool to manage data of daily processes and results, finding out rules and changing trends through the data. We need to constantly revise these rules and changing trends.
(5) Various control elements should be consistent before casting process.

Fifth, We Should Have Management Thinking for Quality Control.
(1) Do not rely on the specialists to obtain stable product quality.
(2) We should directly manage the manufacturers so as to achieve good quality, because the quality is decided by the manufacturing to some degree. 
(3) It is necessary to observe, pay close attention and study the performance and status of the direct producers of the products, to manage and mobilize them.
(4) If the product direct manufacturer's performance and status are not controlled, once the quality problems happen, you will never analyze the exact causes.
(5) Do not think that all the process control has met the die casting process requirements, so there is absolutely no quality problem.
(6) So we should constantly improve our process control and we should also manage people meanwhile.

Six, We Should Listen to Others' Opinions.
(1) Do not think other people's opinions have no value because they do not know the actual problems and can not solve them at once.
(2) Especially the direct producers of the products can give us a lot of tips and reminders.
(4) Quality management thinking often touches the forefront of science and technology. Even if it is a random sentence or complaint, etc., it may give or imply a major technological innovation direction, so professionals and technical personnel should be the people who pay attention to details and are good at capturing the details.

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