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Junying Die Casting is Celebrating 14 Years!

Junying Die Casting will celebrate its 14th anniversary in 2016. While it's always risky to predict what the year ahead will hold, we're excited about the prospects for our company and the die casting industry in general. There are several reasons for our enthusiasm. The overall economy has stabilized to a great degree, the die casting industry is developing dramatic innovations that will expand the market for die cast products, and Junying Die Casting is continuing to make the investments in people and technology that will enable us to maintain our position as one of the best die casters in China.
Junying's Manufacturing production is expected to grow 4% in 2016 compared with growth of 2% in 2015. 
we're confident that we can adapt to changing conditions as we have throughout our 14-year history. We are dedicated to produce precision, high-quality aluminum die castings for the mechanical, lighting, auto, Lock, Mechanical Component, Automotive and other industries.

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